Tuesday, 26 January 2010

I've been dragging my heels about setting up a blog since about August last year...I'm not really sure why, but mostly it was because I didn't really think that people would want to read about my day to day antics of how to get in the craft studio or how life seems to stop me for getting in there at all! Also, because I'm not a natural writer....I'm a crafter...I create...not write...so here goes....

I have been reading other peoples blogs and actually find them quite interesting especially the crafty ones, and the blogs of mom's who are trying to set up their own little enterprise. I really love the fact that most of us are in the same boat and have similar goals and all share in eachothers hopes, dreams, and heartaches! The blogs are a bit of support with out being supportive which I think is great!

"Handmade~from the Heart" was born about 6 years ago when I had my first child, I wanted to be able to sell a few things so that I could buy my husbands Christmas present with my own money that I had earned myself. I started out painting precut peices of hearts and stars and things and sold a few on but gave most of them away, which defeated my intenion entirely! Eventually I found that I was limited by the precut peices and wanted to make my own, my father-in-law bought me a scroll saw, and helped me to get started --then I was off!

I now have a little shop in Burnham Market, Norfolk who stocks my boats, and seagulls, hopefully later this year she will take my beach huts as well! I also attend various craft fairs around Norfolk, England, and hope one day that my little shop on Folksy.com will do well.

As this is my first blog, my plans for it are a little unsure but I hope to run a few giveaways and swaps and hope not to bore any of you with any of my daily antics! If there is anything you want to know or see, please contact me I'd love to hear from you!